Abbey Pollock

Trust Manager, Senior PM & Sales Consultant

Abbey joined the team at Sarina in 2003 starting in reception and has furthered her career through the Industry including working within our BOQ branch. Through the years Abbey has advanced up to Property Manager and is now a Senior Property Manager. Abbey is responsible for ensuring our entire property management department runs flawlessly, while managing her own portfolio of properties. As the Senior Property Manager and Team Leader, Abbey oversees the running of the Property Management department as a whole and also assists with management of the Trust account.


Q1. Which city where you born?

Warrnambool, Victoria

Q2. What’s your favourite restaurant in the Mackay, Sarina & Nebo region?

Fusion 128

Q3. Where was your last trip?

Queenstown, New Zealand

Q4. What do you enjoy doing on your days off?


Q5. What’s the best part of your job?

The people I work with make everything about my day great.

Q6. Which movie made you cry?

Don't judge me but Beauty & The Beast. Obviously the cartoon.

Q7. If you could win a ticket to see your favourite band/artist, what would this be?

ACDC, Dustin Lynch and Queen.

Q8. Which part of the Mackay Region do you love best?

Our beaches and the Pioneer Valley.

Q9. Name 5 people (friends/family members/celebrities/etc) you’d invite to a dinner party?

Do I have to choose only 5? There are so many I would love to dine with.

Q10. Tell us something unique/special about you?

I was a state netball player, basketball player & lifesaver. I have hypermobility in all of my joints.